Inclusive Philosophy • Accessible Design • No Barriers to Playing

Kids in Control

Choose to play via touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard. Whatever you choose, simply point, click, and play! You’re also in control of your mouse sensitivity and computer display, so go ahead and find the specific setting that works for you.

Sound and Color

Game Learning storytelling and game elements do not depend on sound or color elements. Deaf, low hearing, and color-blind players can use our games without difficulty.

Simple, Legible, Adjustable

From our large visible text to adjustable settings for brightness and contrast, we like to think our games are brilliant in their design simplicity because they’re suited for all.

Free of Emotional Obstacles

Game Learning video games never include violence or otherwise graphically distressing content or visuals.

Helpful Hints and Minimal Tech Requirements

With our built-in tutorials and minimal tech requirements, Game Learning aims to empower all students to enjoy the fun of learning, rather than creating obstacles to education.

Proactive Approaches to Accessibility

We continuously research industry best practices, working with organizations including AbleGamers for insight into how Game Learning can maximize accessibility for all. Text to speech and voice-overs for key text are coming soon so players can hear and read simultaneously.