Boston: Road to Revolution

Experience events that sparked the Revolutionary War. Live through the calamities that would lead colonists to all-out war with the British Empire. Will you join the Revolution, and succeed in your quest for liberty?

Approximate play time: 40 minutes

Includes eBook

Engaging & Fast-Paced Gameplay

On the Brink of War

By 1776 you’ve embraced your new identify as American. You’re ready to cut ties with the British Empire and live your life free from their rules, restrictions, and demands. Your friends, family, and neighbors agree.  They too, want nothing more than Independence, resulting with everyone being on edge.

Live Through History

Game Features

The Road to Revolution invites players to run the legendary Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. During the day, you stock the cupboard, plan the meals, decide on decor, and search for new customers. By nightfall you live a double life, searching for clues that will propel the patriot cause. Will your two worlds collide?

Boston: The Road to Revolution

Deep Learning Happens When Kids Have Fun

With witty text dialogue amongst characters, various styles and mechanics, kids are engaged in fun, all the while learning about pivotal moments in history.