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Spies of The American Revoltion

Get into character and master the art of spycraft as you uncover secret plans of the British on behalf of General George Washington. Will your spy skills help the colonists to stay one step ahead of the British and emerge victorious in the Revolutionary War?

The Adventures of Lewis & Clarke

Get ready to go where no American has gone before, on a journey to the Pacific Ocean! Will you and your traveling partners survive the journey into the unknown? Can you make it back alive to tell President Jefferson what lies west of the Mississippi?

The Gold Rush

Experience the discovery of gold in 1848! Can you build a thriving California boomtown while also staking your mining claim? Will you thrive or barely survive?


Discover the untold stories of the colony of Roanoke and why it didn’t survive. See if you are still standing after experiencing the obstacles and challenges, the very first colonial settlers faced, upon arriving at Roanoke.

Boston: Road to Revolution

Experience events that sparked the Revolutionary War. Live through the calamities that would lead colonists to all-out war with the British Empire. Will you join the Revolution, and succeed in your quest for liberty?

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Early Colonies

Game Title
Game Description
Jamestown Adventurerers
You're a new arrival to Jamestown. Will you make a quick fortune in this frontier economy or find yourself ruined by hunger and disease?

Expanding Colonies

City on a Hill
SimCity colonial style. Players learn about early urban challenges, ranging from health and safety to housing and industry! Build up your bank account to build up your city.
Clash of Empires: North America
Play as a European or Native culture, build trade networks, and fortify your position on the map of North America.

Colonies in Crisis

Salem Possessed
Everything that can has gone terribly wrong in New England and your neighbors are looking for a culprit. Build up your social network to survive the witchcraft craze.
Pennsylvania Backcountry
You're a diplomat-negotiator on the edge of empire. Travel between English and Native settlements to investigate disputes and find peaceful resolutions.
High Seas Pirate Hunter
Sail to different ports throughout the Atlantic World to find clues about where the pirates have been and where they're going. Catch them and claim your prize.

The Early Republic

Epidemic Philadelphia
It's 1793 and a deadly case of yellow fever has just been reported in Philadelphia. Help Dr. Benjamin Rush stop its spread by learning more about the city.
Martha Ballard, Frontier Midwife
You live in a frontier Maine town, acting as the local midwife. Fix what ails your neighbors as you build up your own household estate.
Erie Canal Boomtown
The Erie Canal has just been completed and now everybody wants to pass through Rochester, NY. As the mayor, you oversee the development of this new manufacturing hub.

The Coming of the Civil War

Civil War Spy Hunter
The southern states have just seceded. Now, you must hunt down Confederate spies in the Union capital where sympathy to the southern cause exists in many hidden corners.