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Spies of The American Revoltion

Get into character and master the art of spycraft as you uncover secret plans of the British on behalf of General George Washington. Will your spy skills help the colonists to stay one step ahead of the British and emerge victorious in the Revolutionary War?

The Adventures of Lewis & Clarke

Get ready to go where no American has gone before, on a journey to the Pacific Ocean! Will you and your traveling partners survive the journey into the unknown? Can you make it back alive to tell President Jefferson what lies west of the Mississippi?

The Gold Rush

Experience the discovery of gold in 1848! Can you build a thriving California boomtown while also staking your mining claim? Will you thrive or barely survive?


Discover the untold stories of the colony of Roanoke and why it didn’t survive. See if you are still standing after experiencing the obstacles and challenges, the very first colonial settlers faced, upon arriving at Roanoke.

Boston: Road to Revolution

Experience events that sparked the Revolutionary War. Live through the calamities that would lead colonists to all-out war with the British Empire. Will you join the Revolution, and succeed in your quest for liberty?

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Here’s What’s in Store for 2020

Jamestown Adventurerers
You’re the governor of the new colony, making key decisions about its development. Will you create a sustainable settlement or find your mission ruined by hunger and disease?
Salem Possessed
Everything has gone terribly wrong in New England and people are looking for a culprit. Investigate what’s causing the spread of this witchcraft craze and what might stop it.
Epidemic Philadelphia
A deadly case of yellow fever has just been reported in Philadelphia. Help Dr. Benjamin Rush stop its spread by learning more about the city’s history, including the recent Constitutional Convention.
Erie Canal Builder
You’ve been put in charge of building a new canal that will connect the Hudson River to the Great Lakes. What pathway will you choose and how will you make this canal profitable?