Why Game Learning?

We Ensure Online Learning is Fun

Our games use a variety of play styles, to maximize online learning engagement. Because our games feel like real games, instead of online textbooks, students engage more deeply while developing a love of learning. This lays the foundation for lifelong learning.

Students Take Ownership of Their Learning

We Empower Students By Supporting Different Learning Styles

Our games will appeal to students with all different learning styles. Students who learn best through auditory, visual, or kinesthetic styles will find plenty of games to suit their learning preferences and capabilities.


History Comes Alive

Students experience pivotal historical moments firsthand. They understand the dilemmas facing both famous and everyday people. Our games feature a diverse cast of real historical figures, which means that all students can see themselves in History. Understanding many perspectives in the past develops students’ empathy skills.

My class has been using Game Learning video games in our classroom for a couple of years now and it’s so rewarding to see my students excited about History and learning!

If more schools and after school programs utilized video games to make learning fun, every one of the youths would be invested in learning. The world is changing, so should the way we teach and engage with youth. This is a great step forward.

It was very exciting to see how enthusiastic my students were to learn!

The game is good. It’s really intensive

This really covers the main molecular topics for chemistry and is a great alternative to basic worksheets given by teachers for practice

Its ability to demonstrate systems of plant growth and the relationship between the root structures, leaf structures, flowering structures, and pollination is remarkable.

High-interest historical topics and daring adventure stories will capture students' imaginations.

Why Game Learning?

We Simplify Access

Game Learning integrates with most major Learning Management Systems (LMS) and all of our games have low-tech requirements. This enables our games to reach more students using older devices or have weak internet connections. Game Learning games meet more than 1000 unique educational standards and exceed 500 Learning Objectives.