Why Game Learning?

Learning Should Be Fun

Game Learning uses a variety of play styles, incorporates diverse in-game challenges, and uses witty modern-day dialogue. Because our games feel like real games, students engage more deeply while developing a love of the subject. This drives future learning.

Students And Players Take Ownership Of Their Learning

We Empower Students by Supporting Different Learning Styles

Whether your child’s preferred learning style is auditory, visual, or kinesthetic, Game Learning’s educational, historical video games will appeal to their preference. Hands-on gaming allows developing minds to see the past come to life on their modern-day screens.


History Comes Alive

Students experience pivotal historical moments firsthand. They understand the dilemmas facing both famous and everyday people. Our games feature a diverse cast of real historical figures, which means that all students can see themselves in History. Understanding many perspectives in the past develops students’ empathy skills.

My class has been using Game Learning video games in our classroom for a couple of years now and it’s so rewarding to see my students excited about History and learning. They love playing the games and competing with each other using the scoreboard. More than that, hey really are learning through the games and interacting with historical characters and themes. I am able to witness this not just through observations and discussions with my students, but I can see their progress from the teacher dashboard as well. I highly recommend these history-based educational video games. It's important to bring history alive!

Samantha HillisU.S. History, Speech/Debate, and Leadership Teacher

If more schools and after school programs utilized video games to make learning fun, every one of the youths would be invested in learning. The world is changing, so should the way we teach and engage with youth. This is a great step forward.

Carlos BaltazarBoys & Girls Club

It was very exciting to see how enthusiastic my students were to learn about history!

Sarah PerkinsLarchmont Charter School
Why Game Learning?

We Support Educators

Game Learning makes teaching History an active endeavor. Moreover, it’s easy to implement in any classroom setting. Low tech requirements means students can play on existing devices with weak internet connections. Single Sign-On and autosave give educators flexibility and control. All games are COPPA compliant and can be delivered via Google Classroom, Schoology, Blackboard, and Canvas.