General FAQs

What is Game Learning?

Game Learning is an educational video game company that teachers kids 9-14 years old history.

Why is Game Learning different from other game-based learning products?

Game Learning is determined to put the “fun” into the fundamentals of pivotal moments in history. At Game Learning we fully support the notion that learning is and should be fun.

How do I purchase Game Learning?

Add three step process with “create account” link.

Where does the historical information come from?

From the very earliest inception of Game Learning, we brought Dr. Nicholas Gliserman on board as our Chief Academic Officer. Nick holds a Ph.D. in History from USC, and a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology. Together with his team of historians, Nicholas creates all of our content, curriculum and even enjoys indulging in a bit of educational game play.

Can I buy Game Learning if I homeschool?

Absolutely. Game Learning educational video games are designed to be used in the classroom, at home, during after-school programs, and even on-the-go.

How much does Game Learning cost?

Game Learning licenses are $.99 per Month or 9.99 per year, which gives you access to all of the educational video games.

Do you offer group discounts for a lot of licenses?

We have made the licenses as affordable as humanly possible, so we don’t offer group discounts.

Can students use Game Learning at home?

We encourage it! Game Learning educational video games are designed to be used in the classroom, at home, during after-school programs, and even on-the-go.

How many different games are available?

We are in the process of developing 60 unique games, surrounding the most pivotal moments in history.

Platform Support

What are the minimum tech specs I need to run Game Learning?

Game Learning is designed to run on minimal hardware at a high performance, as we know teachers don’t always have access to high-end computing for all their students. All you need iPad running iOS v 9.3.5+ on iPhone & iPad, or our supported web browsers on any laptop:

Can I buy the games one at a time or do I have to buy them all?

When you sign up with Game Learning you gain access to the entire suite of educational video games available.

Can Game Learning be used off line?

A Minimal internet connection is required to load the games on laptops & Desktop. No internet connection is required on tablets once the app has been installed.

Can Game Learning games be played on a mobile device?

Our educational video games can be played on laptops and tablets.

What do I do if I’m having trouble using Game Learning?

Send us an email (

How do multiplayer games work?

Multiplayer games foster social interaction, collaborative learning, and draws out healthy competition with others.

How do single player games work?

Game Learning video games are launched from your web browsers or app through our Game Learning Hub. If the games are being used in a school or after-school setting, teachers and admins can control what games the student can access.

How much time is needed to play the games?

Each Game Learning educational video game is 4 hours in length. However, each game breaks down play time sessions/levels into 10-minute increments.