Game Learning’s

Educational Philosophy

Online Learning Should Be Fun

Fun is our foundation because research shows that students are more motivated to learn when they are having fun. Online learning games that are fun to play foster motivation to continue learning.

Online Learning is Here to Stay

Game Learning games spark a lasting interest in online learning. Students will learn with technology throughout their entire lives. Introducing online learning early in life contributes to technologically adept, curious, and educated future generations.

Different Game Styles Keep Students Interested

One-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning styles. Game Learning games use multiple play styles including Real-Time Strategy, Role-Playing, Turn-Based Strategy, and Life Simulation. The variety of game styles and games keep students challenged and entertained.

Games Foster Critical Thinking

Educational video games ask players to make active, informed choices and decisions. Much more than just helping students to memorize information, Game Learning games help students to develop and strengthen transferable, cognitive skills for life.