The Rush To Riches in California

The California Gold Rush

Experience the discovery of gold in 1848! Can you build a thriving California boomtown while also staking your mining claim?  Will you thrive or barely survive? 

Approximate play time: 4 chapters (15-20 minutes per chapter)

Includes eBook

Engaging & Fast-Paced Gameplay

Compelling Story

Students play as Keith Derby, an ex-soldier who is fresh from fighting in California’s Bear Flag Revolt. Derby’s commander John Fremont encourages Derby to stick around…He’s got an inkling that something big is about to happen in California now that it’s part of the U.S.! Derby goes to work for a quirky Swiss emigré named Johann Sutter, building a mill…when something golden and shiny appears along the banks of the American River. GOLD! Overnight California is transformed from backwater to boomtown.

Build a Business Empire

Game Features

Derby befriends a cook named Jennie Wimmer. She’s lived through one gold rush in Georgia already and always has sage advice. Together they build a business empire encompassing mines, laundries, hotels, restaurants, and stagecoaches—catering to the needs of the miners with gold to spend but who have little time to focus on necessities like food and shelter. Along the way, you’ll take on other business partners: Real historical figures who represent the diversity of human experiences during the Gold Rush, including a former slave, immigrants from China and Germany, a New Jersey carpenter, and a Mormon newspaperman.

The California Gold Rush

Deep Learning Happens When Kids Have Fun

With witty text dialogue amongst characters, various styles and mechanics, kids are engaged in fun, all the while learning about pivotal moments in history.