Discover the untold stories of the colony of Roanoke and why it didn’t survive. See if you are still standing after experiencing the obstacles and challenges, the very first colonial settlers faced, upon arriving at Roanoke. 

Approximate play time: 4 chapters (15-20 minutes per chapter)

Includes eBook

Engaging & Fast-Paced Gameplay

A Failed Attempt

First play as Manteo, a young man from the Croatoan tribe who travels to England with his friend Wanchese of the Roanoke tribe. Then play as English Settler attempting to establish the very first British colony in North America.  Experience the struggles that both faced during this historic attempt at colonization. 

Can You Survive?

Game Features

The Lost Colony takes you on a journey from the shores of England to the shores of North Carolina.  You’ll experience ship wrecks, and food shortages, become friends or foes of the Native Americans, and search for gold and riches.  To survive in The Lost Colony, you’ll have to be smart, resourceful, and skillful. This educational video game immerses players in the earliest days of what would ultimately become known as American history.

Roanoke: The Lost Colony

Deep Learning Happens When Kids Have Fun

With witty text dialogue amongst characters, various styles and mechanics, kids are engaged in fun, all the while learning about pivotal moments in history.