Spies of the American Revolution

Get into character and master the art of spycraft as you uncover secret plans of the British on behalf of General George Washington.  Will your spy skills help the colonists to stay one step ahead of the British and emerge victorious in the Revolutionary War?   

Approximate play time: 2 chapters (15-20 minutes per chapter)

Includes eBook

Engaging & Fast-Paced Gameplay

Historic Journey

Students play as Deborah, a tailoress, with a talent for designing disguises.  Because you’re a master of your craft, you’ve been hand-selected by none other than General George Washington, who needs you to use your talents to spy on the British. You’ll have to be clever, sneaky, and resourceful in order to provide the Continental Army with the secret information they need to win independence from England.  Will your spying efforts prove successful, or will you be unmasked for who you really are?   

Live To Tell Your Tale

Game Features

In Spies of the American Revolution, you’ll learn about the changing role of spycraft in shaping the outcome of the war, as you’ll be tasked with collecting rumors, and surveying troop movement, all the while working to build your tailoring business.  In your pursuit of service to the patriot cause, you’ll meet fellow spies including Robert Townsend, Hercules Mulligan, Cato, and Mary Underhill as you work to stitch together a network of spies. But, be careful, as you’ll run into enemies including Benedict Arnold during your undercover endeavors. 


Deep Learning Happens When Kids Have Fun

With witty text dialogue amongst characters, various styles and mechanics, kids are engaged in fun, all the while learning about pivotal moments in history.