The Adventures of Lewis & Clark

Get ready to go where no American has gone before, on a journey to the Pacific Ocean! Will you and your traveling partners survive the journey into the unknown? Can you make it back alive to tell President Jefferson what lies west of the Mississippi?

Approximate play time: 1 chapter/4 parts (15 minutes per part)

Includes eBook

Engaging & Fast-Paced Gameplay

Historic Journey

Students play as Meriwether Lewis who has been hand-picked by President Thomas Jefferson to lead an expedition into parts unknown, and ultimately reach the Pacific Ocean.   Lewis’s army buddy Captain Clark and a small crew will join you, as you learn to communicate with Native peoples along the way, negotiate with traders, and ultimately stay the course to reach the West Coast.  But, be careful not to run out of food and supplies on your way home, as the President is counting on you to return quickly.

Live To Tell Your Tale

Game Features

As you and your team heads west, you’ll have to avoid obstacles as you sail upriver, safely escape from wildlife (including bears!), fish for food, and make sure you choose the right river branches to help you reach your destination. Plus, you’ll have to be strategic as you scout new territory, and learn to hunt without modern weapons.  With an eye on the ticking clock, will you be able to return to St. Louis before winter, with your team still alive to tell of your findings?

The Adventures of Lewis & Clark

Deep Learning Happens When Kids Have Fun

With witty text dialogue amongst characters, various styles and mechanics, kids are engaged in fun, all the while learning about pivotal moments in history.