Game Learning’s newest educational video game has you delving into spycraft!

In “Spies of the American Revolution,” student players learn all about the vital role that spies played, in ultimately securing victory for the colonists.  Fun fact: in 1775, before he became the first President of the United States, General George Washington relied heavily on spies to glean insight into what the British forces were planning, and when.

Student players will learn about the Culper Spy Ring under the guidance of spymaster Major Benjamin Tallmadge, in British-occupied New York City.  Playing as “Deb,” apprentice to tailor Hercules Mulligan, students are immersed in the gendered nature of colonial New York City, wherein women’s apprenticeship opportunities were extremely limited, as were their roles in the budding war.  However, as a tailor, Deb is able to create custom disguises which enable her to capture valuable information from unsuspecting individuals.

As Deb, you’ll learn how to disguise yourself to obtain access to individuals, businesses and organizations which are normally off-limits to women.  You’ll learn how to collect information on these adventures, which will prove invaluable to the patriot cause, even as the battles of Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill rage on.

Players will have to collect and trade rumors, by hiding and eavesdropping, and using rumors to throw off the British army.  You’ll also have to learn to decipher coded messages using ciphers.

Students will see the early years of the American Revolution from the perspectives of both the patriots and the British.  Playing as Deb, you’ll also learn about the role that technology played in spycraft, and warfare. Along the way, you’ll meet a motley assortment of patriot troops and watch them transform into a professional army.

Set in the early years of the Revolutionary War, key battles and events covered include:

  • Battle of Lexington and Concord
  • Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Battle of Saratoga
  • Defection of Benedict Arnold
  • Battle of Yorktown.
  • Much More

Game Learning has earned the approval of the Los Angeles Unified School District. In our easy to implement, and teacher-supportive video games, history comes alive. With engaging, fast-paced educational video games and witty dialogue, Game Learning educational video games focus on pivotal moments in history, prompting players to draw upon their natural curiosity, while nurturing soft skills, problem solving, and historical thinking.  Contact us at

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