You’re Heading West in Game Learning’s Exciting Educational Video Game Expedition!

In Game Learning’s “The Adventures of Lewis & Clark,” students play as Meriwether Lewis, who in 1804, is asked by President Thomas Jefferson to find an overland route to the Pacific Ocean, from St. Louis.  In the shadow of the Louisiana Purchase, players will have to assemble a team, manage supplies and food smartly, and journey into the unknown.

Along the way, you’ll meet a cast of historical figures, including Sacagawea, while learning how to negotiate with various Native American tribes who neither speak your language, nor share your cultural customs.  In the difficult terrain, you’ll have to make navigational decisions, learn to hunt and fish for food, and try to return home safely to report your findings to the President.

As Lewis, students will learn by trial and error which branches of the Missouri River offer the safest passage, you’ll discover the importance and complexity of relationship building with Native tribes including the Yankton Sioux, Mandan, and Teton Sioux. Students will also begin to see how westward expansion would ultimately displace Native peoples and expand the practice of slavery.

By the end of the expedition, you’ll need to return to St. Louis to report your findings to President Jefferson, all the while keeping as many members of your crew as possible, safe and sound.

“The Adventures of Lewis & Clark” covers topics including The Louisiana Purchase, the diversity of Native America in the Antebellum Period, the significance of exploration, mobility, and geography, the role of transportation technology, and the dark side of expansionist policies.

Game Learning has earned the approval of the Los Angeles Unified School District. In our easy to implement, and teacher-supportive video games, history comes alive. With engaging, fast-paced educational video games and witty dialogue, Game Learning educational video games focus on pivotal moments in history, prompting players to draw upon their natural curiosity, while nurturing soft skills, problem solving, and historical thinking.  Contact us at

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